Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CL Beck Blog

C.L. Beck, Author
Created in 2009

Cindy told me her favorite colors and showed me some sites that she liked so I could get a feel for her visual personality and tastes. I created this blog especially for her. I also did a Christmas design for the holidays, but I didn't get an image of that one.

Visit her blog: C.L. Beck, Author

Read about her bookMormon Mishaps and Mischeif.

Format: Standard blog design; created background and header using digital images and elements purchased by LibrisPro; modified code to give more control over design options and to color match elements to background and header.

Artwork: Provided by LibrisPro; included in price.

Cost for blog: $50

Delivered: Uploaded to client site.

Designer: Karlene Browning

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