Monday, June 20, 2011

Through Love's Trials Print Book

Title: Through Love's Trials

Author: Julie Coulter Bellon

Client: Encore Editions

Date of Work: June 2011

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About the Book:
Kenneth King, a successful Arizona attorney, finds himself facing the most difficult trial of his life—and it’s not in a courtroom. He’s asked to deliver a mysterious disk to Emma James an attorney in Utah, but as soon as Kenneth agrees to it, his life is turned upside down. His home is broken into, he’s shot at, and an attorney at his firm is murdered. Is he next?

Kenneth contacts Emma, and is drawn to her immediately, but she is a strong-willed single mother who doesn’t want anything to do with the disk—or with him. However, when Emma suffers a brutal assault that is possibly linked to the disk, Emma’s father, an agent in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service steps in to help Kenneth protect her and find out who wants them dead.

The tension builds as Kenneth and Emma find themselves in a race against time to stop an attack on North America’s defenses. Will the Canadian government be able to help them before the United States is attacked? Will Kenneth and Emma let down their defenses enough to make it through love’s trials?

About the Job:
  • Cover design: Images purchased from (Karlene Browning)

  • Editing: Light content edit; proofreading. (Karlene Browning)

  • Internal Layout: 6x9, 192 pages, softcover. Designed page layout; typeset interior in QuarkXPress (Mac)

  • Delivered as: Print-ready .pdf files

  • eBook Conversion: See eBook version here

  • Typesetter: Karlene Browning

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