Monday, July 25, 2011

Help Choose a Logo

I'm creating a logo and I need some feedback.

Company: Miles Ahead Learning Resources—publisher of reproducible educational curriculum and teacher aids.

Target Market: Teachers, Home Schoolers, Parents.

Age: Pre-school through high school. But this logo will be specifically for Pre-K through Grade 6.

These are quick and dirty, so we're not selecting based on font or color (although if you really like/dislike colors, please tell me),  but on overall look and appeal as a logo that will go in the top left cover corner on all books.

Let me know in the comments section which one(s) you like best and WHY. And if you don't like any of them, that's okay—just tell me the truth.

Thanks. :)

Logo 1: Bee

Logo 2: Marching Kids

Logo 3: Global Kids

Logo 4: Chalkboard*
*What's written on the chalkboard will change depending on the subject of the book. 
Also, it will have multi-cultural heads on the kids.
I also do not care for orange so I'll be changing the colors.


  1. I like the bee - he's cute and friendly.

  2. I like number 2 with the kids marching because it goes with your Miles Ahead theme. They're marching Miles Ahead! (And plus, the kids are cute!) :)

  3. I like #3 Global Kids the best it's the one that jumped off the page at me. Feels the most logo-like. I also like #1 Bee next, it's appealing to the age group and simple. The colors in #4 seem a little dated...

  4. #2 is cute and most directly says travel, ie "miles ahead", but so do the flying bee and the kids around the world. #2 may be too complex as a logo. Silhouette shape is important and so is simplicity. And 1 - 3 are all stronger, in my opinion, than #4.

  5. #3 has my vote, but both #3 and #1 I feel are the most effective.

    #1: implies going places, industry, and soaring.

    #3: implies world reach, unity, solidarity, and strength.

    Personally, I like #3 best. I think it is the clearest, cleanest, and most effective. I agree with JulieAnn, also, in that it jumps the most off the page for me and feels the most logo-like. I think it is the most effective marketing tool, additionally, because it implies breadth and width of learning materials because of the diversity of the children included.

    All are beautiful, though. Very talented work.

  6. I like 1 and 2. Tristi said it well - the bee is just so cute and friendly/fun. is the name set in stone? the name "miles ahead" is hard for me to LOVE since I am in the market for learning resources mainly to help my son who is "miles behind..."

  7. First, DO NOT use number 3, there are several other companies, websites etc out there that use something similar.

    Number 4 just isn't bright enough, so don't use it either.

    I really like 1 and 2. The bee is cute and unique. 2 with the children marching ahead is a good visual of your companies name. I don't think you can go wrong with either of these 2.

  8. I vote for number 2. I like the marching children as pertains to the company name, and they look happy to be learning. Also the colors are bright and stimulating. 1 and 3 remind me of other company logos which are similar, and number 4 is too young-ish for a company that covers such a wide span of grades.

  9. I like #2. I like that the children are leading the way.