Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cerulean Isle eBook

Title: Cerulean Isle

Author: G.M. Browning

Client: WiDo Publishing

Date of Work: January 2012

Available for purchase at:
WiDo Publishing

About the Book:
Kidnapped as a boy and kept as a slave on a pirate ship, young Jacob dreams of freedom, and of one day discovering the fabled island of the Mer people. With fellow shipmate Grant, Jacob escapes and finds refuge in Granada. But stories of Cerulean Isle, land of the Merfolk, continue to haunt him.

One day a stranger appears and Jacob and Grant are forced to confront their past. They must embark on a dangerous voyage to flee from the pirates that seek their lives. In the process, Jacob at last discovers the truth behind legendary Cerulean Isle.

About the Job: eBook Conversion; converted digital files from PDF to EPUB, MOBI, PRC, PDB and LRF formats.

Formatter: Karlene Browning


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