Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blacks & the Mormon Priesthood ebook

Title: Setting the Record Straight: Blacks & the Mormon Priesthood

Author: Marcus H. Martins

Client: Millennial Press

Date of Work: August 2012

Available for purchase at: ldsebookstore.com
or on Amazon

About the Book:
For over a century The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prohibited the ordination of men who had Black African ancestry to offices in its priesthood. This "priesthood ban" was lifted in 1978 to the delight of most Church members, but puzzling questions and folklore surrounding the origin and reasons for the ban have lingered in Mormon popular culture.

In a deeply doctrinal discussion of this controversial subject in Mormon history, Professor Marcus H. Martins shares personal reflections based on his experiences as a Black member of the Church who lived through the final years of the ban.

His analysis debunks old myths and folklore, and it introduces a gospel-based framework for racial and cultural relations in contemporary societies.

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