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The Illustrated George Washington by Hon. J.T. Headley

Title: The Illustrated Life of Washington

Author: Hon. J.T. Headley

Client: Liahona Publishing

Date of Work: 2005

About the Book:
Originally published in 1861.

“When I think of the founders of this great republic, I think of George Washington. There is no question but what he was an instrument of God in the founding of a nation where the Church might be restored and where the Gospel might be returned to mankind, because this nation is founded upon the great cornerstone of the gospel.” —Elder Joseph L. Wirthlin

This reprint of the 1861 biography describes how Washington succeeded in spite of the disasters and sufferings experienced during the seven year ordeal of the American Revolution. We watch Washington standing amid his band of patriots with no hope other than their reliance upon “Divine Providence.” Read of Washington’s enthusiastic love of liberty, unconquerable resolution and “firm reliance on Heaven,” all for the sake of freedom and principle. Included are the emotional descriptions of his faith and prayers during the trials of Boston, Trenton, Valley Forge, Long Island, and Yorktown.

This inspiring story of George Washington restores him to his rightful role as a hero, the Washington known by our forefathers.

About the Job:
  • Cover design: Provided by client.
  • Editing: Scanned original text and images, keeping most of the text verbatim; changing punctuation only when needed for clear understanding; using as many of the original illustrations as possible; proofreading.
  • Internal Layout: Designed page layout based client preferences to echo the original; typeset interior in QuarkXPress (Mac); converted to print-ready .pdf files.
  • Internal images/clip art: Procured by LibrisPro, as needed.
  • Typesetter/Editor: Karlene Browning

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