Monday, January 18, 2010

Sorry, the Stork Takes No Returns by Claire Bowen

Title: Sorry, The Stork Takes No Returns

Author: Claire Bowen

Internal Artwork: Gaynell Parker

Client: Rosehaven Publishing

Date of Work: 2006

About the Book:
“Once a generation, we’re blessed with a book so moving, so truthful and powerful, that it touches a nation.With any luck, that book will be placed next to this one in the store.” —The author’s husband

Welcome to the slightly off-kilter world of Claire Bowen and family. A world someone once called “gently insane.” Or perhaps he said the Bowen world was ordinary and the people were insane. In any case, he’s no longer invited to dinner. But draw your own conclusions.

Whatever else this book does, it makes you feel better about raising your own kids. It makes you feel better, period—it’s humor with a literary sense and humor with common sense. It’s humor with teenagers! What more could you ask? You’re likely to recognize your own family, because you know they’re nuts, too; and you’re sure to be comforted, because they’re not as nutty as some we could name. You’ll come away
feeling you’ve made new, albeit somewhat unstable, friends.
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About the Job:
  • Cover Design: Originally self-published with a dark brown cover. I updated brightened the image and put it on an eye-catching blue.

  • Editing: Content edit; proofreading.

  • Internal Layout: Designed layout and styles using some of the elements in the previous book; added section and chapter images; typeset interior in QuarkXPress (Mac); converted to print-ready .pdf files.

  • Internal Illustrations: Gaynell Parker

  • eBook Conversion: Converting to digital files soon.

  • Typesetter/Editor: Karlene Browning

Section Page Chapter Page Chapter Page
Stork Section Stork Chapter Stork Chapter
Title Page Text Page Text Page
Stork Title Stork Text Stork Text
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