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Threads of Liberty by Brent & Kolleen DeGraff

Title: Threads of Liberty

Author: Brent & Kolleen DeGraff

Client: Liahona Publishing

Date of Work: December 2004

About the Book:
A Textbook for American Studies.

Threads of Liberty is the first civics/government textbook which incorporates the history and principles upon which our Constitution and Bill of Rights was conceived with Latter-day Saint scripture and commentary by prophets and general authorities.

This text asks its readers the question: If you were the "single thread" referred to by Joseph Smith, how secure would our Constitution be? The authors of this text believe that teaching the founding of America and our Constitution without the inclusion of religion and the role of divine providence is not history, it's fiction.

Time periods covered include: Protestant Revolution, Puritan Migration, American Colonies, Great Awakening, Constitutional Convention. Plus, landmark Supreme Court cases which have unraveled the Constitution's original intent.

For LDS students, grades 9 to 12.

About the Job:
  • Cover design: Provided by client.
  • Editing: Content edit; proofreading.
  • Internal Layout: Designed page layout based client preferences; two-color inside; typeset interior in QuarkXPress (Mac); converted to print-ready .pdf files.
  • Internal images/clip art: Procured by LibrisPro.
  • Typesetter/Editor: Karlene Browning

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