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Wise Men Raised Up (Three Volumes)

Title: Wise Men Raised Up (3 volumes)

Author: Brent & Kolleen DeGraff, eds.

Client: Liahona Publishing

Date of Work: 2005–2008

About the Book:
The Wise Men Raised Up series consists of three volumes of readings on American history. Through stories and first hand narratives taken directly from original writings, these books examine the foundation and growth of America, with commentary by LDS religious leaders. Intended as supplementary readers for 7th to 12th graders.

Wise Men Raised Up, Volume 1, Revolutionary Era (1500–1800): From the foundations of America through the following periods of time: Protestant Reformation, Puritan Fathers, The Great Awakening, Colonial Fathers, The American Revolution, and the Constitution. The majority of stories are drawn from 18th, 19th and early 20th century accounts. These time-worn anecdotes include the role of Providence in our nation's beginnings.

Wise Men Raised Up, Volume 2, Westward Expansion (1800–1860): Examines the westward expansion of the United States, the people and events that prepared the way for a united country, and the exodus of the Latter-day Saints to Utah. The men and women studied were "raised up" for providential purposes and were blessed by divine guidance in their efforts. Includes thought provoking stories extracted from 19th and early 20th century texts.

Wise Men Raised Up, Volume 3, America Meets the World (mid-1800s–through conclusion of World War II): Follow the events that piece together a story of conquest, growth, sacrifice, and Providential guidance that formed the America we know today. While many recognize the divine intervention of the founding of America, many do not acknowledge the ongoing interposition of that same Divine Being during the latter years of growth. Stories will inspire patriotism and commitment to "serve the God of the land."

About the Job:
  • Cover design: Provided by client. Image currently unavailable.
  • Editing: Content edit; proofreading.
  • Internal Layout: Designed page layout based client preferences; typeset interior in QuarkXPress (Mac); converted to print-ready .pdf files.
  • Internal images/clip art: Procured by LibrisPro, as needed.
  • Designer: Karlene Browning

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